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Adoption Contract and Guidelines


Mischief of Remis Rattery

You will be required to fill out and sign a pet contract (below) when adopting a Remis Rat.  Please copy the Adoption Application and email it to me when you're ready to adopt!
Additional Guidelines:
**some of my guidlines can be exempted under certain circumstances.   Please feel free to ask.
     -You must be 18+ to adopt a rat.
     -I will not adopt out single rats.
     -I will only adopt out same-sex pairs.
     -Pet quality rats will not be bred.
     -I can deliver rats up to four hours away, if reimbursed for gas.  Figure about 18 miles/gallon.
What will my rat(s) cost?  Click Here for Pricing.

Breeders: Contact Me

Mischief of Remis Rattery
Pet Sales Agreement
This agreement is made and entered into on this the ____ day of _______20____ by and between Mischief of Remis Rattery (hereafter known as "RMIS") and ADOPTER to set forth the terms and conditions of purchase and sale of a  __X__PET QUALITY RAT.
Rat's Name:
Date of Birth:
Dam Name:
Sire Name:
ADOPTER agrees to puchase and RMIS agrees to sell the aforementioned rat described above for the sum of $____.00 subject to the following terms:
RMIS warrants that the above-described rat is in good health at the time ADOPTER assumes ownership and for a period of 72 hours subsequent to transfer of ownership.  Rats are guaranteed against any congenital or hereditary defects.  RMIS recommends that ADOPTER agrees to have said animal examined by a licensed veterinarian within 24 hours of transfer of ownership.  ADOPTER must report to RMIS any medical problems within the period of guarantee.  If rat is deemed by a veternarian to be in "unsound health" then ADOPTER may request a refund or replacement for another animal of equal value.  RMIS reserves the right to offer monetary compensation in lieu of a replacement animal but is in no way obligated to do so.
ADOPTER agrees to use the prefix RMIS with the rat's name on all official documents, and in rat shows.
ADOPTER agrees that he/she is not acting as an agent in the purchase of this animal and at no time shall the animal be sold, given, or donated to any person without RMIS' prior knowledge and consent.  In the event of the ADOPTER being unable to maintain the rat, the RMIS shall be informed and shall reserve the right to repossess the animal at any age.  The rat shall never be sold, leased, abandoned, or given to any pet shop, individual, or research establishment.
ADOPTER warrants that the rat will be kept in appropriate conditions for its health and welfare and shall not be neglected in any manner.  ADOPTER will treat the animal as a household pet, companion and family member and will never use the pet for fighting or any other "sport" in which one animal is pitted against another, and will never beat or taunt the rat in order to promote aggressive characteristics.
In case of illness or injury, ADOPTER agrees to seek prompt veterinary care.  ADOPTER agrees never to euthanize the rat except in the case of the pet's terminal illness or injury, or old age accompanied by pain and suffering, and in that case, the euthanasia must be performed by a licensed veterinarian.
ADOPTER understands that the above-mentioned rat is being sold as a non-breeding pet only.  This is a condition of the purchase price stated above.  The ADOPTER agrees that the rat shall not be used in breeding purposes of any kind, nor shall it be allowed to mix with rats of the opposite sex, whereby allowing the rat to engage in breeding.  If the female rat becomes pregnant, or a male rat sires a litter, ADOPTER will immediately surrender rat, it's offspring, and any money made by the sale of the offspring to RMIS.  In addition, ADOPTER will alwo surrender ownership of ANY rat bred by RMIS back to RMIS, regardless of age or condition, without compensation or restitution. 
ADOPTER may request from RMIS any and all information about the above-named rat, including known genetic traits, temperaments of ancestors, and pedigree information.
ADOPTER further understands that if there is a failure to uphold any part of this contract, of if the pet is neglected, maltreated, or is failing to receive adequate medical care, ADOPTER shall surrender the animal to RMIS unconditionally and without financial restitution or compensation.
This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties and no statements, promises or inducements made by either party that is not contained in this written agreement shall be valid or binding.  This contract shall not be altered except upon mutual agreement and endorsements of both ADOPTER and RMIS.  This contract and any litigation hereafter will be governed by the state of Idaho.
It is the purpose of this contract in part to advocate, advance, and perpetuate the safety and welfare of this animal(s) and to protect the interests of both the ADOPTER and the RMIS.  A breach by any party to this contract shall act as a release to the other from performing any of the obligations as otherwise agreed.
Additional terms or comments: _____________________________