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Remis Self-ness Chart


Mischief of Remis Rattery

Self and Solid Rats
"self-ness" Chart:
(I go by the foot with the *most* white- if they have a 0 on the back, and a 2 on the front, I will rank them as a 2)
0 -No visible white toes
1 -White toes to knuckles
2 -White toes toes
3 -White feet
4 -White up to ankles (possible tail tip)
5 -White up to ankles (or more) and marked
I don't choose to breed marked Colorpoints (siamese, burmese) but occationally the genes line up and one appears in a litter.  I won't breed that rat, but place it in a nice pet home.  :)  The goal with self rats and colorpoints is color all the way down to the toenails, with no visible white.

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