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Pet Contract- Kid-Friendly Version


Mischief of Remis Rattery

This is the kid-friendly version of my adoption contract.  Adults will still be required to sign the regular legal version.  If the rats are for a child, then this way the child can participate in the adoption process.
I'll still tweak this contract from time to time, to make it easy to read and understand.

Mischief of Remis Rattery
Kid Friendly Pet Rat Adoption Contract
Krislyn promises to give you rats that are healthy, happy and well socialized.  If the rats aren't healthy within three days of bringing them home, Krislyn will trade you for new rats, refund your money, or help you treat the rats you have.
You promise that you are not buying these rats for anyone but yourself.  You promise not to give the animal to friends, family, petstores or ANYONE without notifying me first.  If you don't want the rats anymore, you promise to give them back to me and only me, so that I may give them a good home.
You promise that you will take very good care of these rats.  They will live in a big cage, have good bedding (not pine or cedar), have healthy food, and treats.  You will give the rats lots of snuggle time everyday.
You promise never to be mean to your rats.  Rats can feel pain, and it makes them sad.
If your rat gets hurt, you promise to take it to the vet to get better.
You promise not to let the rats have babies.  If the rat has babies (or if it's a boy, to make babies) then you promise to give the rats back to me so I can raise the babies.  Since these rats are pets only, if you let them have babies, I cannot let you have them back.
If you do not provide your rats with the proper love and care, you have to give them back to me, so I can find them another home.

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