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Available Rats


Mischief of Remis Rattery

Click below on the parents' names to see additional litter information, availability, and photos!!!  Litters listed from most recently born to the oldest.
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Kittens Available:
15 kittens born 8/30/09, ready for homes early October.  I will transport reserved babies to Seattle area for the September show. 
Expecting Russian Blue, UK Mink, UK Mink-based Dove, Pearls... and ?  In Standard and Dumbo ear.
Born 6/25/09.  4 boys, 1 girl.  Ready for homes Mid August
All dumbo, standard coats.  Higher white, many colors possible!  All Reserved.
Born 7/7/09, ready for homes late August
Half Dumbo, all standard coats.  All Black-eyed Seal Point or Russian Blue Point Siamese.  All Reserved.
Born 7/7/09, ready for homes late August.
All Dumbo, standard coats.  All Reserved.
See Future Litters page for Upcoming Litters!
See Past Litters page for previous breedings!

Dumbo Black-Eyed Seal Point Siamese

Total Number of Remis Rats who have found happy forever homes:  179

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