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Past Litters

Mischief of Remis Rattery

These are the litters I have bred since I began back in 2004.  With the exception of the two rescue litters, most of these rats appear in my current pedigrees.  I've kept a pretty isolated line, and just recently have started to get rats from other breeders.  The positive side of this isolation is an easy line to breed- I know what genes my rats carry, and there are very rarely surprises.  The negative side is that there are very rarely surprises. =)
If you would like the pedigree of one of these breedings, please email me.

RMIS052- tBBR Heath SITH X MMDR Snowy RMIS -born 7/12/09 (6 kittens)
RMIS051- RMIS Apoc CWR X RMIS Ara -born 7/7/09 (4 kittens)
RMIS050- CWR/Dmtn Balthazar X RMIS Sugar Rush- born 7/7/09 (11 kittens)
RMIS049- RMIS Ra X RMIS Rhea- born 6/25/09 (5 kittens)
RMIS048- CWR Oscar X CWR Hera RMIS- born 5/19/09 (1 kitten)
RMIS047- RMIS Ra X Dmtn Kherington RMIS- born 5/3/09 (1 kitten)
RMIS046- Zen CWR X MMDR Snowy RMIS- born 5/2/09 (2 kittens)
RMIS045- CWR/RMIS Chaos X RMIS TnT- born 5/1/09 (11 kittens)
RMIS044- RMIS Tucana X RMIS Danika- born 5/1/09 (7 kittens)
RMIS043- CWR Lorne X CWR Athena- born 3/25/09 (7 kittens)
RMIS042- Unknown Male X RMIS Angie- born 3/22/09 (3 kittens)
RMIS041- RMIS Sealy X CWR Shelby RMIS- born 2/7/09 (10 kittens)
RMIS040- HoH Dinner Bell RMIS X CWR Dyna Mite RMIS- born 1/17/09 (3 kittens)
RMIS039- RMIS Nebachadnezzar X RMIS Danika- born 12/25/08 (12 kittens)
RMIS038- RMIS Sealy X RMIS Rian- born 12/21/08 (6 kittens)
RMIS037- CWR Mayer RMIS X CWR Athena RMIS- born 11/27/08 (7 kittens)
RMIS036- CWR Mayer RMIS X CWR Hera RMIS- born 11/12/08 (7 kittens)
RMIS035- CH CHK 3GR Dragon RMIS X RMIS Atlantis- born 7/29/08 (13 kittens)
RMIS034- CWR Kawalski X RMIS Barricade- born 7/26/08 (4 kittens)
RMIS033- DMTN/STRO Alban RMIS X CWR Shelby RMIS- born 7/22/08 (7 kittens)
RMIS032- MLR/SITH Andre RMIS X CWR Dyna Mite RMIS- born 4/14/08 (10 kittens)
RMIS031- RMIS Chakotay X SITH/RMIS Precious- born 3/10/08 (10 kittens)
RMIS030- RMIS Chocolat X RRLM Mysti RMIS- born 3/9/08 (12 kittens)
RMIS029- LVM E Junior "Skittles" X RMIS CWR Persephone- born 3/1/08 (2 kittens)
RMIS028- CWR Timon RMIS X RMIS Indigo- born 2/25/08 (4 kittens)
RMIS027- CWR SHR Triton RMIS X CWR Natasha- born 10/23/07 (11 kittens)
RMIS026- CWR Aruku Saki RMIS X SITH Vanna RMIS- born 9/22/07 (10 kittens)
RMIS025- LERA Quinn X Thumbilina RMIS- born 9/18/07 (7 kittens)
RMIS024- RRLM Van Helsing RMIS X SR Ana RMIS- born 9/15/07 (2 kittens)
RMIS023- Umaga CWR X Thumbilina RMIS- born 8/5/07 (3 kittens, 0 survived)
RMIS022- CH LVM Truex X CH CHK 3GR Tomoko- born 8/2/07 (7 kittens)
RMIS021- CWR SHR Triton X CWR SHR Pocahontas- born 5/1/07 (10 kittens)
RMIS020- CWR Lone Star X SITH Vanna- born 3/18/07 (7 kittens)
RMIS019- CWR Lone Star X LERA Miya- born 3/11/07 (3 kittens)
RMIS018- CWR Amata Yoshi X LVM Labonte- born 2/26/07 (8 kittens)
RMIS017- CWR Aruku Saki X SITH Black Magic- born 2/19/07 (11 kittens)
RMIS016- LVM Monteray Jack X LERA Blue's Clues- born 2/1/07 (11 kittens)
RMIS015- CH. LVM Truex X LVM Pandora- born 1/26/07 (7 kittens)
RMIS014- MLR Frodo X CWR Ophelia- born 12/30/06 (10 kittens)
LERA013- LVM Lucas Roberts X LVM CWR Pandora- born 4/29/06 (18 kittens)
LVM012- LVM CWR Chronicles of Riddick X CWR Pinkaboo- born 3/13/06 (2 kittens)
LVM011- LVM Little Yellow Jacket X LVM Tar Baby- born 3/25/06 (4 kittens)
LVM010- LVM Chocolate Drop X LVM CWR Pandora- born 2/11/06 (12 kittens)
LVM009- ROUS Pushkin X LVM Emporer's New Groove- born 2/27/06 (3 kittens)
LVM008- The Right Stuff LVM (rescue mommy)- born 11/17/05 (6 kittens)
LVM007- LVM Broken Arrow X LVM Hildago- born 10/12/05 (8 kittens)
LVM006- ROUS Pushkin X LVM Tar Baby- born 9/8/05 (6 kittens)
LVM005- LVM Magnificent X Snowy River LVM- born 6/11/05 (10 kittens)
LVM003- LVM Broken Arrow X LVM Emporer's New Groove- born 1/7/05 (10 kittens)
LVM004- LVM Broken Arrow X Tomb Raider LVM- born 1/5/05 (14 kittens)
LVM002- She's a Beauty LVM (rescue mommy)- born 11/1/04 (11 kittens)
LVM001- Legacy LVM X Everything Nice LVM- born 8/5/04 (8 kittens)

"Friends, not food"