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Remis Bucks


Mischief of Remis Rattery

I love my beefcakes.  They are so cuddly and squishy.  Bucks are definatly my favorites.  Does are fun, and exciting and active, but there's nothing like a nice snuggly buck to make your day bright. 
Any rat who has earned a Champion title will have his name in bold.

Breeding Quality Boys:
Ajax RMIS --Standard American Blue Patched (Mismark Masked)
RMIS Alaric -- Standard Agouti Self
CWR Alastare --Dumbo Black Self Velveteen
RMIS Artemis  --Dumbo Agouti Capped
RMIS Astaxanthin --Dumbo Russian Blue Masked
RMIS Balancing Act  --Dumbo Russian Blue Point Siamese
RMIS Bane  --Seal Point Siamese
RMIS Blooper  --Dumbo Black Self Rex
CWR Castiel --Standard Charcoal Possum
CWR RMIS Chaos  --Dumbo Russian Blue Collared/Van Velveteen
SITH Eddie --Dumbo Mink Irish Satin
RMIS Felix --Dumbo Russian Blue Self
RMIS Frasier  --Pearl Merle Hooded
HoF/ROUS Freddy --Standard Sable Burmese Irish
CWR Hodgens  --Standard Himalayan Hooded Velveteen
RMIS Iron Hide  --Standard Agouti Self Hairless
RMIS/CWR Man O'War --Standard Fawn Blazed Variegated Dwarf
CWR Mayer  --Standard Black Hooded Velveteen
RMIS My Squishy  --Dumbo Agouti Banded
RMIS Parker  --Dumbo Russian Blue Velveteen
RMIS Pavo  --Dumbo Sable Burmese
RMIS Pendragon --Dumbo Black-Eyed Russian Blue Point Siamese
RMIS Pictor  --Dumbo Sable Burmese
RMIS Ra  --Dumbo Cinnamon Capped w/Head Spot
RMIS Rembrandt --Dumbo Black-Eyed Seal Point Siamese
RMIS Sealy  --Dumbo Russian Blue Self (with Bellybutton) Rex
RMIS CWR Serrano --Dumbo Black-Eyed Russian Blue Point Siamese
RMIS Superstar Showdown --Dumbo Russian Blue Point Siamese
RMIS Swing Kings  --Dumbo Russian Blue Point Siamese
Tao of RMIS  --Standard Beige Berkshire Dwarf
RMIS Tucana  --Dumbo Burmese
CWR Uakari --Standard UK Mink Berkshire Down Under
CWR Uriel --Standard Black Capped
Pet or Retired Boys:
RMIS Larry  --Dumbo Black Rex
RMIS Curly  --Dumbo Black Rex
RMIS Moe  --Dumbo Black Rex
RMIS Chakotay  --Dumbo Black-Eyed Siamese Velveteen
RMIS 027 Baby H-- Black Berkshire Down-Under
RMIS 027 Baby D-- Beige Hooded
RMIS Spot  --Black Variegated/Spotty Down Under
Gus (Rescue)  --Dumbo Lilac Berkshire
Perseus (Rescue)  --Seal Point Siamese
Cepheus (Rescue)  --Seal Point Siamese
RMIS Seymore
RMIS Presto
RMIS Rufus
RMIS Meryl
RMIS Angie
RMIS Glaedr

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