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Remis Does


Mischief of Remis Rattery

These are my does.  Many of them are favorites, not because they are beautiful, but that they have wonderful personalities and are very special to me.
Any rat who has earned a Champion title will have her name in bold.

Current Breeding Girls:
RMIS Aiedail  --Dumbo Russian Blue Berkshire
RMIS Alpine Assult  --Dumbo Russian Ice (Russian Silver w/RED) Berkshire Double Velveteen
CWR Alska  --Odd-Eyed Mink Dalmatian Velveteen
RMIS/CWR Blume --Black Hooded
RMIS CWR Cascabel --Dumbo Burmese
RMIS Daphne  --Black Bareback
RMIS Elena  --Dumbo Black Variegated Double Velveteen
RMIS Fiore --Russian Blue Hooded
CWR Hanalei --Dumbo Dove Berkshire
CWR Juliet --Dumbo Black Berkshire
CWR/SITH Kiya --Black American Irish
RMIS Maris  --Black Hooded
RMIS Rogue --Agouti Berkshire Velveteen
MMDR Snowy  --Dumbo Fawn Capped Dwarf
RMIS Sugar Rush  --Dumbo Black-Eyed Russian Blue Point Siamese
RMIS TnT  --Dumbo Russian Blue Self (with bellybutton) Rex
Retired or Pet Girls:
CWR Natasha --Black Variegated Down Under
Princess Fiona (Rescue)
Mocha Latte (Rescue)
Cuddles (Rescue)
Sagua (Rescue)
Daisy (Rescue)
Penaltin (Rescue)
RMIS Barricade, retired
RMIS Danika, retired
CWR Athena, retired
CWR Hera, retired
RMIS Polaris, retired
CWR Shelby, retired
RMIS Sky, retired
RMIS Antilia
RMIS Aquila
RMIS Carina
RMIS Hydra
RMIS Pyxis
RMIS Rian, retired
RMIS Rhea, retired
RMIS Ara, retired

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