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Rat Varieties you can't find at Pet Stores!


Mischief of Remis Rattery

There are so many varieties of rats out there, that petstores haven't gotten ahold of and ruined yet (like the hairless).  By carefully screening potential adopters, and requiring non-breeding contracts, we keep these varieties safe, healthy, and away from money-hungry pet stores.
Here's a short list, followed soon by pictures:
Tailless 'Manx'
Dwarf (genetic dwarfs, not just small rats)
Harley coats (long-haired, interestingly, discovered at a pet store in Washington years ago, but aren't here yet)
Black-Eyed Siamese
Down-Under (also in petstores in CA and WA, but not here)
Roans (start out with color, fade out to white as they age)

Tailless 'Manx' are born without a tail.  We do NOT cut off their tail.


Harleys have long, whispy hair, more like a long-haired hamster.

Dwarfs are genetically 1/3 the size of a normal rat.

Black-Eyed Siamese


These rats aren't one-hit wonders.  These varieties have been carefully bred and raised for generations, and are shown in competition in our area several times per year.
Be very careful if someone tries to sell you one of these varieties, and do your homework.  They are not out in the pubic nor the petstores in Idaho. 
These rats should come with a pedigree, and not be outrageously priced.  For example, many people don't realize that a truely naked hairless from a high-quality ribbon-winning breeder are only around $25, whereas petstores sell poor hairless for $30 or more, with no socialization, no pedigree, no family history, and no records of health issues.

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